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Creating plans to reopen The Amarillo

Updated: May 4, 2020

With the state government establishing guidelines for how and when we can reopen the economy, we are uncertain what it will look like on day one of allowing restaurants to welcome guests back inside their doors. Early reports are that the initial phase will require strict social distancing and subsequent phases easing up as time goes on. We plan to put safety measures in place to include personal protective equipment and continuous sanitization of surfaces to protect our guests and staff. However before we get to the point of reopening we will need to take some time to establish these measures. In the interim we may elect to offer only our "Take and Make" barbecue on a preorder basis while we ramp back up to full service. If you would to know more about our "Take and Make" program please watch the video on our Videos page. When we are ready to offer this we will post a "Take and Make" menu online that you can order from or simply call the restaurant. Stay tuned for updates and when this will start.

We know several of you have wanted to order during our temporary closure and we appreciate your support and patience.


UPDATE 5/4/2020: As Gov. Inslee extends the stay at home proclamation and business closures through the end of May we have remained closed. It's not until phase 2 that we can reopen our doors to 50% capacity. We are reviewing the possibility of offering limited to-go items as mentioned previously. It's uncertain what the future will bring as businesses are able to operate again and how the public will respond.

Thanks to all who have called, emailed and messaged us on availability. We know you are all missing your favorite barbecue and we really appreciate your support. Stay tuned and we will let you know what next steps are.

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