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Juggling These Uncertain Times

As we try to keep our restaurant staffed and open with the best ingredients possible we are faced with challenges in every area. The most pressing is our food supply as many of the vendors are scarce on delivery personnel and resources. With that they have canceled routes and/or customer accounts altogether that drivers are not able to reach. This leaves many scrambling to find product if they are unable to pick it up themselves from the current supplier. Additionally food costs have dramatically increased, especially proteins. We refuse to reduce the quality of the food we prepare for our guests and continue to find new options and deliver on that promise. It's not easy and we have held prices firm with hopes the spiraling costs will plateau soon and come back to reasonable levels. However if the trend continues we may have no choice but increase menu prices.

Please be patient as staffing at times is also challenging in both front of house and back of house. If something is taking a little longer than usual just ask your server and they will get an update on your order.

We appreciate your continued support through these very challenging times and hope to serve you soon!

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Good luck guys, we know you are doing your best! Still love your food!

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