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Labor Day Celebrates Those Who Work (but we need help)

This past holiday weekend was a celebration to those to make up our workforce and provide vital services to our communities. While this is a very honorable celebration, it seems fewer and fewer are able to be celebrated. I was stunned to take a poll today of over 1.4 million participants that showed 36% are not working for a paycheck. This can somewhat be explained as there were retired and financially independent people who responded. But that has to be the minority. The reason I say this is because we constantly see the need for employees. Hiring signs in many windows everywhere you go. The service industry is the hardest hit nationally. You hear it on local and national news. Everyone in our area I have spoken to are struggling to find people who not only want to work but will also show up to work. Why do so many not want to work or take the job seriously? I cannot remember any time in my life it has been this bad. I believe that as long as we make it easy for people to not work, the trend will continue. In the meantime, businesses (and customers) will suffer. If you or someone you know is looking for work at a local family-owned business where their efforts are appreciated and applauded, please send them our way. Many positions are open and desperately need to be filled.

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