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Open or Closed?

There seems to be some confusion to the new rulings from the Governor's office on what is open and what is closed. This last week there were new requirements for indoor seating and what is allowed for restaurants and bars. Many I have talked to thought all locations that serve alcohol are to close indoor seating. That is not the case. For restaurants that have beer, wine and liquor service, we are able to continue indoor and outdoor seating as before. The Amarillo is a restaurant and tavern as more than 50% of our seating area is designated as dining and the lesser railed off area is designated as bar seating. We are also licensed as a restaurant. For locations that are licensed as a bar or night club they have over 50% designated as bar and they would not be allowed indoor seating, only outdoor per the new requirements. The new requirements also limit alcohol sales to 10PM. Since we close at 9PM we again are not affected. So please feel free to visit your local restaurants for indoor AND outdoor seating as before. Enjoy the summer and we look forward to seeing you!

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