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Where Are We Going?

First, I want to thank you all for your continued support of The Amarillo! I wish I knew what is to come this winter for businesses dealing with this pandemic. Specifically the restrictions on the food industry. It is sad to see an increasing number of businesses close for good as a result of these restrictions. It's been almost four months since Snohomish County decided not to apply to move to Phase 3. What is happening in moving to the next phase in opening up our economy?

For many weeks we have seen small variances on current phase but no real insight to how we are progressing. Weather is now turning wet and chilly so outside seating is becoming less desirable meaning restaurants are once again relying on the reduced seating capacity inside. We have been keeping surfaces sanitized, wearing gloves and masks as well as provide safe spacing. Let's hope we all heed the warnings and do the right things to protect ourselves and others around us.

Let's all protect against this virus and keep the economy moving forward. If we don't we will have even more problems in the very near future. Please support your local businesses as much as you can because if we don't, they too could soon be gone.

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