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116 E Main Monroe, Washington 98272  Tel. (360) 217-8484

TEXAS BBQ, Modern twist

We are more than a typical barbecue restaurant.  First we slow smoke our meats using Texas traditional methods of specially blended dry rubs and hickory hardwood as the only cooking fuel.  Never using gas or electricity for the cooking process.  Next we incorporated more into our menu to include steaks, burgers, salads, fish and vegetarian offerings.  Please see our menu for more details.

Live music on most weekends. Please see our events page for details.


Serving the finest cuts of meat

We use St Helens brisket and Prime Choice beef for your steaks to offer our guests the finest meat available.  We prepare Farmland pork baby back ribs and free-range chicken products.  This level of detail is evident in the most delicious and tender finished product available to you, our guest.

Located in
the heart
of the city

After searching for a location that had the look and feel of an old tavern or saloon, we stumbled upon the Paradise Tavern.  The 115 year old building is located in the heart of downtown Monroe on East Main Street.  After extensive renovation to the structure and subsequent remodel we opened our doors September 23, 2018.  


Make a reservation

If you're a party of 6 or more, or celebrating a special event please feel free to make a reservation online below. You can also give us a call or stop in and talk to a host or manager. 

BBQ perfection takes time

Gordon Campbell, a Texas native, opened The Amarillo in Omaha NE, 1987. It was an iconic, nationally known restaurant for 22+ years. During that time The Amarillo has had as its guests, or else catered, some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry, including: Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn and many more. Gordon decided to retire and in December 2010 auctioned off memorabilia, restaurant equipment, and most importantly the intellectual property (the name/brand, recipes, procedures and techniques); which we bought. Our initial plans were to reopen the restaurant in Omaha. However, soon after our purchase we learned of our impending relocation to the Pacific Northwest for work, so we sadly held off. We’ve been in WA since January 2014, and spent that time getting to know the area and searching for the right location to finally realize our dream of reopening The Amarillo. We chose the old Paradise Tavern in Monroe for a couple of reasons. 1) We love the small town feel in the community, and 2) The Paradise has exactly the look and history we were after. We’ve started the renovation, but have quite a bit of work yet ahead of us. You can follow our journey on our Facebook and Instagram We hope you enjoy following our progress and plan stop in and enjoy many of the original Amarillo recipes and some new ones that we’ve added.

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116 E Main Monroe, Washington 98272 

closed monday and tuesday, Wednesday, thurSDAY and sunday 11Am-9pm  / FRIDAY & Saturday  11pm-11pm